Flour Flour is a processed food product, obtained by grinding grain crops. There are different types, sorts and grades of flour depending on the milling method and grain sort.

There is a huge number of types of flour and each of them is defined by certain characteristics of the grain from which it is produced. The type of flour is determined by its intended use. The type of flour is its main quality indicator and directly depends on the yield of flour (the amount obtained from 100 grams of the original product). The higher the flour yield, the lower its grade. The same type of flour can produce different grades that reflect its quality indicators: color, size, ash content, quality of gluten, etc.

Soytex LLC offers the following flour assortment:

  • Peeled rye flour
  • Wheat flour of the highest grade
  • Wheat flour of the 1st and the 2nd grades

The product complies with GOST. It is packed in bags of 45-50 kg (or bulk).


Мука Bran is a by-product of the processing of grain into cereals or flour. Depending on the needed type of flour or cereal, from 20% to 28% of the grain mass can remain in the bran. All types of bran are characterized by a high content of proteins, fats and fiber; water content of more than 15% and foreign matters and impurities are unacceptable.

Wheat bran is one of the popular export units. The main indicator of the quality of the bran is moisture.

Wheat bran fodder is used both as nutriment for animals and poultry, and as raw material for the production of compound feed. It can be produced in crumbled and pelleted form. Bran pellets have an advantage during transportation and storage due to the compaction of their mass. Due to the high density and lower specific surface area, the action of yeast and mold fungi or pathogens is reduced. We recommend storing wheat bran pellets in dry, warm, well-ventilated areas.

Soytex LLC can deliver wheat and peeled rye flour, wheat and rye bran in bulk to your region. We fulfill the terms of contracts and deliveries despite market changes.

The product complies with GOST and is supplied with the necessary veterinary and certification documents.

Upon your request, we can supply other bran and flour-grinding products.

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