Amino acids

Зерновые For normal growth, development and ensuring high productivity of animals, amino acids must be in the diet in a certain ratio, since protein synthesis in the body occurs only when all the necessary amino acids enter the body simultaneously and in the right amount. Deficiency of essential amino acids will lead to impaired protein synthesis. Soytex LLC provides the supply of such amino acids as:


Lysine is one of the essential amino acids used as a feed additive in livestock and poultry farming. Lysine is a vital element for the development of the animal organism. This amino acid increases the regenerative properties of bone tissue, promotes intensive growth of young animals, and increases resistance to viral infections. Lysine is involved in the synthesis of nucleoproteins, chromoproteins (hemoglobin), thereby regulating the pigmentation of animal hair. It also regulates the amount of protein breakdown products in tissues and organs. Feed lysine is a precursor to the formation of carnitine, which plays an important role in fat metabolism.


Threonine is part of many proteins in the animal body and promotes the absorption of other amino acids. Together with aspartic acid and methionine, it participates in the metabolism of fats, plays an important role in the formation of collagen and elastin, as well as the production of antibodies. It stimulates high growth of young stock as a result of better use of protein in the diet. The use of feed threonine makes it possible to economically balance the use of dietary protein in the ration of animals and to adjust the presence of amino acids in it, which are necessary for highly profitable animal husbandry.


Methionine is used in the body as a source of sulfur, to regulate the metabolism of fats and proteins. Participates in the formation of serine, choline and cystine, is necessary for the reproduction and growth of erythrocytes, the formation of a feather in a bird, prevents fatty degeneration of the liver. Methionine is used to enrich and balance the ration of animals and poultry, prepare complete feed mixtures and premixes, compound feed and feed additives. The addition of methionine allows you to optimally balance the essential amino acids contained in the diet.

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