Соевые бобы SOYBEANS are the raw material for the production of high-efficiency animal feed based on soybean meal. Oilseed, bean culture, press cake and oilseed meal are the main sources of protein in animal feeds. It’s difficult to imagine modern agriculture without soybeans. A well-known fact is that soybeans contain a huge amount of nutrients that are important for the growth and activity, both animal and human. In spite of the high content of useful amino acids, soy beans are not used in its natural form. Among the most popular soybean products in the agriculture are:
- soybean meal is a protein ingredient for mixed feeds. It is possible to add soybean meal in basic ration of any animals and birds. Soybean meal provides a good balance of all the essential nutrients and it contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, and zinc. High protein content in soybean meal allows making high protein and high-energy rations without using expensive animal feed. Today soybean meal is used for feeding cattle, birds, fish and animals;
- full fat soybean is high-calorie, versatile and ideal for livestock protein feed. The high feeding value fills the deficit of amino acids and protein in the diet of animals. Extrusion is the method of processing soybeans, which helps to increase the useful properties of the product. Furthermore, extruded soybean is widely used in broiler diets. Extruded full-fat soybean can also replace oil and meal in the diet of birds. It is highly recommended for animals during the lactating and pregnant period. Statistics show that, using full fat soybean as an ingredient for mixed feeds increases the live weight of the young cattle by 6%.
- soybean cake is the product remaining after extracting seeds and oil from whole soybeans. It contains protein and minerals. Due to the extrusion process soybean cake has a nice smell, causing appetite in animals. One ton of soybean cake is added into ten tons of feed, saturating it with protein and amino acids necessary for normal growth and development of animals.

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