Rapseed oil

Рапсовое масло Rapeseed oil — is the oil produced from rapeseed, is widely spread at the global level.

Rapeseed - very valuable oil crops, an important source of vegetable oil. In seeds of winter oilseed rape contains 45-50% oil, of spring - up to 35% oil, 24-31% protein and 6-12% fat.

Rapeseed oil contains vitamin E and a lot of unsaturated fatty acids: polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid - omega 6, linoleic acid - omega 3) and monounsaturated acids (oleic acid - Omega 9).

Rapseed oil can be used as a key ingredient in many foods and also as a feedstock for a range of technical products. Press cakes based on rapeseed oil production are currently used as feed components for production animals. The green part of rape is a rich source of vegetable protein highly valued in agriculture. In rapeseed oil contains the following minor elements: calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium and zinc.

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