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Soytex Group is an international group of companies that has been active in the wholesale trade of components for the mixed feeds and food industry since 1995.

Soytex Group has subsidiaries in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Poland, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The head office of the group is located in Cyprus.

Soytex Sp. z o.o. (Poland) is a certified importer of oil plants, cereals and related agricultural products for the Polish and EU markets. At the heart of the company's operations is a detailed control of purchasing, storage and product quality.

The GMP+ certificate confirms compliance with EU, national and international rules and regulations for the production and sale of safe products.

Soytex Sp. z o.o. (Poland) imports raw materials from Eastern European countries as well as Central and Latin America which are then sold both on the domestic market and in other EU countries. Cooperation with leading producers allows us to ensure that our customers receive quality products at competitive prices.

Products supplied:

  • Soya beans and their processed products (soybean meal, oil cake, oil)
  • Sunflower seeds and their processed products (sunflower meal, oil cake, oil)
  • Barley
  • Wheat bran
  • Dried maize wash
  • Raisins, prunes

We follow rapidly changing market trends and are constantly expanding and modifying our product range. On request, we can offer other types of cereals, oilseeds and their processed products.

We are open to suggestions and are looking for long-term cooperation with reliable suppliers.

If you have any questions about our supplies or would like to become our partner, please contact us by e-mail: warszawa@soytex.com or by phone: +48533253574.

We are always looking forward to cooperation and the exchange of experience!

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