Results of the "Agrolats Group" passing year


New Year

Dear friends!

New 2016 Year is coming.

As always, we anticipate this holiday, make wishes, give presents. We are glad that there is a wonderful tradition to celebrate the New Year with family and friends. The atmosphere of kindness, care and generosity warms our hearts and opens them to the bright thoughts and noble deeds, it brings hope.

Of course, now everyone thinks primarily about the welfare of his family, wishes health and happiness to his relatives. The prosperity of our group of companies is made from happiness and success of each person.

Now, when we are reviewing the passing year, we would like to thank everybody of you for the unity and solidarity , for the deepest feelings of truth, honor, justice, responsibility for the fate of our company, for your continued willingness to defend company's interests, to be with the company in the days of triumph, and at the time of the trials, to achieve our most daring and ambitious plans.

The 2015 year for our company has been very productive and fruitful, truly rapid. It has brought significant victories and achievements.

A few years ago to ship 400 thousand tons of soybean meal per year was taken as a dream. And now we have not only provided more than 1000 largest agricultural enterprisers with the most important protein ingredient for mixed feeds of adequate quality, but we have made this strictly in agreed time without any delay, and it’s a great victory for us.

This victory is not only the merit of all our employees but also our partners and all people who assist us in selling, shipping, calculating profit, managing financial flows, defending the honor of the company in legal disputes, generating creative ideas and suggestions, automating production process.

Expanding and improving our activities through diversification, we have strengthened our position in the old markets and have entered into new markets and thus attracted new customers.

We have diversified our commodity list - to soybean meal, meat, mushrooms, beer and other food we have added apples and amino acids.

We do not stop, we are constantly monitoring the development of modern technologies in the world and apply new knowledge in all areas of our business.

During 2015, we:

  1. Have reconstructed brewery «Tervete», thus improved the quality of beer and developed new varieties.
  2. Have built another dairy farm, thus raised milk production by 30%.
  3. Have opened a cannery in Morocco.
  4. Have purchased and sent to the sea two fishing vessels for a fish processing plant in Mauritania.

Agrolats Group is 18 years old and this is just the beginning. We are confident about the future and make new plans!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal. What really matters is the courage to continue". There is no other option. And we need to implement in reality all plans for our own sake, and for the sake of our children.

In new year, together we are to solve a lot of problems, and the results will depend on how effectively, creatively and efficiently each of us will work.

Our Partners