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Due to temporary restrictions on import of GMO soybean meal from a number of foreign companies to Russia, a shortage of supply has been created. It had a negative impact on the level of market prices. At the same time, this restraint did not affect the rest of the EEA countries, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, where, accordingly, there was no additional impact on prices.

The calculator is made to inform you about the current level of prices for imported soybean meal (protein 46% +) containing GMO and supplied to neighboring countries, but restricted for import to Russia. The price is formed under DDP (named place of destination), including VAT 10%.

This information is not a public offer or invitation to accept this offer.

Soybean meal (GMO)

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Soytex LLC operates in the market for over 10 years and it is among the top 3 suppliers of agricultural products to the market of Russia, CIS countries and Baltic States. The main activity of our company is supplying of protein ingredients for mixed feeds: fish meal, soybean meal, amino asids, dairy ingredients.